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Dear Sir,

We can handling plastic scraps like as attached pictures.
If you want tpo know more details, contact us by e-mail.

We willl offer to you with details.

Loi, Kim

==> ABS computer housing

==> MC Nylon scrap

==>PBT sprue grind, natural color

==> PC sprue crushed, natural color

==> PC sheet crushed, natural color

==> PC scrap, mobile phone button part

==> PC sheet

==> PC off-cut, half-transparent

==> Metalized CD

==> PC water bottle, half-cut

==> PCABS virgin pellet

==> PET bottle crushed, washed

==> PMMA sprue grind, natural color

==> PMMA LCD scrap, injection grade

==> PMMA  runner, injection  grade

==> PMMA LCD board scrap

==> HIPS white & gray color, crushed

==> HIPS BK, TV housing crushed

==> EPS virgin pellet

==> GPPS smog color

==> PVC sheet, 10mm x 1224 x 2440

===> POM (Acetal) sprue crushed, Natural color

==> ABS Repro, gray color

==> HDPE repro, natural color

==> PC Repro, NP

==> PC repro, gray color

==> SMMA virgin pellet, STX520

==> LG PCABS virgin pellet, non-halogen FR grade

==> PCABS virgin pellet, gray color

==> PMMA 1mm x 1220 x 2440 sheet, Hard coating

Sell PMMA sheet and off cut

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