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 Gov't to revamp online security system
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June 10, 2005  

The government has decided to revamp the security system of the nation's online banking services to ease growing jitters about online transactions following recent hacking incidents.

The system of online security has been questioned after two young Koreans withdrew money from customer's bank accounts by hacking into the Internet banking system of a local bank a month ago.

The government introduced a set of measures to prevent hackers from breaking into the Internet banking system at a meeting of economic ministers chaired by Finance-Economy Minister Han Duck-soo on Friday (June 10),

It will strengthen the personal authentication process. Under the measures, all the Internet banking services providers _ banks, securities and credit card firms _ are obligated to have their security systems automatically installed at customers' computers when the customers first log on the online service.

In other words, customers will not be able to conduct financial transactions online without financial firms' security programs, which prevent important personal information, including passwords, from being hacked into.

“The latest online banking accident took place at the Korea Exchange Bank while a victim entered personal information to download some programs from a hacker,” an official of the Ministry of Finance and Economy said.

“So far, customers are able to choose whether to set up the security system, but it will be impossible to use the Internet banking service without installing the security program from now on,” he added.

Also, the government decided to strengthen the procedure for obtaining an authentication certificate to prevent one's certificate from being reissued by others.

So the government plans to make financial firms give special passwords for the customers to receive or to introduce a short message service (SMS) authentication system via cell phones from the latter half of the year.

Furthermore, the government plans to conduct research on the security system of e-commerce, including Internet banking and online shopping, and introduce a guideline for safe online trading by the end of July.

There have been growing concerns over the security system of online transactions here after the two hackers stole 50 million won from other person's account a month ago. They installed a hacking program at a computer in a PC room to find out personal identification numbers (PIN) used for Internet banking.

Online banking service users have been soaring for the past few years, due to convenience and lower transaction fees, according to the central bank.

The subscribers to online banking services numbered 22.57 million as of the end of March, up from 17.71 million at the end of 2002.

The online transactions _ such as account inquiries, money transfers and loan services _ totaled 10.35 million in the first quarter.

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