Plastic Reprossed Resin



General Information         

Product Name : ABS Repro. Pellet

Classification : ABS

Origin of product :


ABS is thermoplastic resin made from three-dimensional monomer of Acrylonitrile, 
Butadiene, Styrene. It has a wide range of applications such as electric/electronic 
parts, automotive parts and so on.
ABS resin is widely used in various electrical and electronic components, 
automotive parts, toys, cameras and pipes as it has diversity in both its 
manufacturing methods and materials characteristics. It features high impact and 
flexural strength, excellent mechanical properties, chemical resistance, mold ability, 
dimensional stability and paint ability. ABS resin performs in a variety of ways based on 
the polymerization process type chosen and the controlled interaction between base 
material and various additives. Ever since the first use of ABS resin on manufacturing
 pipes, the material has been developed to provide better melt flow characteristics 
and greater flexural strength. 
This is used in many applications that require high durability such as car parts. 
It is very expensive though.
Characteristics Chemical resistance 
Fatigue resistance 
Hardness and rigidity 
Melt strength 
Low-temperature ductility 
Impact resistance 
Melt strength 
Processing ease (flow) 
Hardness and rigidity 

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