Plastic Reprossed Resin



General Information         

Product Name : PMMA regrind & Repro

Classification : PMMA regrind & Repro.

Origin of product : South Korea


PMMA(Polymethyle Methacrylate) is one of thermoplastic resins produced mainly of 
methymethacrylate, and excellent in transparency, weather resistance and coloration 
as well as elegant appearance. The product is a thermoplastic material composed 
of polymers of methyl methacrylate. It is a transparent solid with exceptional 
optical properties and good resistance to water. It is obtainable in the form of sheets, 
granules, solutions, and emulsions. It is extensively used for aircraft domes, lighting, 
fixtures, decorative articles, etc. It is also used in optical instruments and surgical 
Excellent in transparency 
Weather resistance 
Coloration as well as elegant appearance 
Grade and Application 
Injection moulding :Rear light/panels, Window for instrument panels, Lamps, LCD 
ight-inducing panels, Telephone, TV/VTR 
Extrusion moulding: All of food containers 
Impact resistant grade:Artificial marbles, Sunglasses
Available forms 
1. prime 
2. off/wide spec 
3. reprocessed pellet 
4. regrind 
5. lump, purge, scrap, etc. 

Additional Information