Plastic Reprossed Resin



General Information         

Product Name : LDPE Reprocessed Resign

Classification : LDPE

Origin of product : South Korea


LDPE(Low Density Polyethylene) is the plastic used mainly to make film for trash bags, 
food packaging, shrink films, and construction/agricultural films.
LDPE was first found by British ICI research team by accident and was commercially 
available in 1939. Initially, it was used for wire insulation for military purpose 
such as radar cable insulation. In the U.S.A., it was manufactured by Dupon in 1942 
and by UCC in 1943. 
Superb transparency and processability. These products are suitable for special 
agricultural applications such as long-life and anti-fogging films due to their 
excellent miscibility characteristic with various master batches.
Outstanding processability and superb blending characteristic with additives. Molecular 
weight, melt index, and density of these products are specifically designed to satisfy 
the demanding requirements of foaming processes.
chemical resistance. 
Superior transparency, processability and rigidity, which make this grade suitable 
for multi-layer containers. 
Film grades
General purpose wrapping(shopping bag, food packing film), Heavy duty films(resin bag, 
sugar bag, corn powder bag), Shrink wrapping(bottle box wrapping), Pallet shrink covers,
 Thin films, Agricultural films(greenhouse application, tunnel film, mulching film, 
rotective films(gel free films for lamination, metal substrates) 
Foam grade Packaging materials for consumer electronics, Packaging material, Automobile 
interiors, Thermal insulation sheets 
Blow molding grade
Food containers, Squeeze bottle(mayonnaise bottle, ketchup bottle) and detergent bottle. 
Extrusion coating grade
PET coating, Paper coating, Kraft paper, Paper cup, Al coating 
Injection molding grade 
Lid, Master batch, Powder coating, Artificial flowers, Thin wall products 

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